Yoga and Symbols

Symbols of Yoga

The center of the circle

At the origin of a circle there is necessarily a point. The point term does not refer to an object and therefore has no dimension (neither length, nor width, nor volume). It only defines a location. If this location becomes the origin of a circle or a sphere, it will be named center.

In becoming a center, it will reveal the lines that cross it and are gathered and unified there in the point, connecting them a second time through a specific form called circumference. The center is thus a mysterious focal point of radiant energy, as invisible but nevertheless primordial landmark, fixed and principle of origin, which will take shape in the figure of the circle.

It thus appears as the symbol of the un-manifested, absolute bearing in him, implicitly, the manifestation of all existing forms of the cosmos. It represents the absolute reality, not only ONE (perfection and totality, stillness and eternity), but also potentially active, potentially multiple in the dimensions of space and time. The circle is the causal body, the soul, the Self, the Divine, on all scales of life.

The circumference

It is drawn from the center. It is a curved line, “looped on itself”. Unlike the point, it unfolds in space and time and the symbolism will feed on its ability to synthesize movement and unity to represent space (wind rose) and time (calendar, zodiac) to orient yourself.

This closed line determines an interior space, closed, defined, protecting the center and delimiting its radiation by giving it a formal limit. Its materiality evokes the human aspects that is most related to matter, the densest: the body, the ego.

If the center is fixed, the circumference, without beginning or end, therefore infinite, is itself in perpetual motion, an evocation of a changing continuity, in the image of the cosmos, of human nature, and of the wheel of samsara.

The circle is a deep spiritual symbol

Circle Symbol in Yoga

The peculiarity of the circle is that this geometric figure spontaneously and inevitably implies in us a dynamic process that connects the center and the periphery.

The space defined by the circumference becomes in itself a tense world between interior (which culminates at the point of origin) and exterior (which culminates on the circumference), between immobility and movement, between unified origin and deployment of the forms always multiple between full and empty, between globalism and the bursting of vision, and more generally between all the dual aspects of existence.

The image of the radiation of the center which develops in centrifugal motion, meets the limit of the circumference and is returned towards the center in a centripetal movement, proposes a route that will traverse the spiritual seeker, as well as any man, through his life; the center will be as the starting point, and as the source the aspiration and the point of return to the essential, to the ultimate reality.

The circle gives access, beyond the mind, to a synthetic and harmonizing perception of the world, of human and spiritual life. This dynamic probably explains why the circle has everywhere played the role of meditation in yoga, supports leading to the updating of the mechanisms of appearing, knowing and being.


As a matter of fact, the circle enable someone to visualize their inner and outer selves as well at the limits they put on themselves. The center of someone is only where they decide it is.

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