Yoga for Pregnancy

Yoga during Pregnance

Yoga for the pregnant woman is very effective to overcome fatigue, fight against stress and prepare to give birth. It is the body practice to adopt during pregnancy. During pregnancy, the pregnant woman needs to practice regular physical activity, to relax her pelvis, to calm her anxieties and certain small specific evils. Yoga, an Indian ancestral practice with many virtues, fulfills all its functions.

Prenatal yoga: what is it exactly?

This body work aims to restore the balance of body and mind. It is based on specific postures and stretches, with exercises on breathing. The key is a better knowledge of her body that will allow the mother to better live her pregnancy.

It is ideal is to practice it before pregnancy, but starting from the first months is entirely possible. Practicing alone though, without prior instruction is strongly not advised.

Prenatal yoga to tone up

Contrary to popular belief, physical activity and pregnancy are not incompatible. Indeed, we must not stop moving to avoid getting tired during pregnancy, except complications, of course.

Do not forget that to get through this big upheaval, the pregnant woman needs more energy than usual.

A regular practice of yoga, will allow both: to tone your body and your muscles, and to increase what is called in India the vital energy.

This will be done in part by the deep breathing, it allows to muscle the large transverse which, in addition to being the deepest muscle of the abdominals, is also the muscle that surrounds the abdomen. But also thanks to many postures that are done to facilitate the circulation of energy.

Treat the little pains of pregnancy with yoga

It is unavoidable, the happy event is also accompanied by many inconveniences.

Starting with back pain: with the weight of the baby, the mother tends to arch, and therefore to suffer from lumbar.

In yoga, the postures are designed to untie the spine, and to reintroduce space where often everything is stuck. By soliciting the deep muscles, this gymnastics will “muscle” the back, allowing the future mother to better calibrate her body and rebalance its position.

It is not uncommon for circulation problems to go hand in hand with motherhood because of being overweight. It is often in the third trimester that venous return is less successful. The practice of yoga will tone the muscles and stimulates the lymph: with the key a feeling of lightness, really welcome in case of heavy legs.

Yoga to prepare for childbirth

At the end of the 9 months inexorably the birth, a step that will be facilitated if the pelvis is open and the hips flexible. Typical sessions relate specifically to these objectives.

The breathing exercises also allow to work the large transverse, essential in childbirth, guaranteeing abdominal tonicity sufficient to “push” without exerting bad pressure.


This practice than can also be done before pregnancy is ideal to combat the different difficulties that women will encounter throughout their pregnancy and should this be adopted early, although it is possible to do it later too.

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