Yoga Postures for Insomnia

Yoga Poses for Sleep Better

You have already tried everything to fall asleep: hot milk, herbal tea, read a few pages of a book not too exciting. Your brain refuses to hang up and your eyes remain desperately open. You can certainly afford a short night from time to time, but insomnia becomes problematic if it is recurrent. A little yoga can nevertheless help you to find calm and recover better.

Yoga positions to stimulate sleep to the rescue of your nights

The idea is is not really stupid, and has been scientifically verified. Researchers at Harvard University have found that regular yoga can help you fall asleep faster. Sleep would also be longer and more restorative.

Previous research has already shown that yoga can improve the sleep of menopausal women, cancer patients and people with osteoporosis. Yoga would also be particularly effective in the case of sleep apnea and which is now a good news since these conclusions can be generalized.

Learn to breathe better

Yoga acts on the relaxation of the body and mind. It helps to get rid of negative thoughts and leave the worries of the day behind.

Practicing yoga also helps to influence the body’s alignment and flexibility, two things that can cause pain.

At the center of this practice: breathing. Breathing techniques work in a positive way, specifically breathing through the belly. Standing or lying down, keep your body straight. Then simply place one hand on the belly, inhale and exhale on the stomach. Repeat a dozen times.

You do not have to be a yoga specialist, but the regularity of the exercises and their good practice contribute to their effectiveness. Do not forget to breathe deeply.

Below are a few breathing yoga methods to have better sleep.

Sustained Inversion

This is a very simple position to achieve since it is to lie perpendicular to a cleared wall, to place the legs on the wall by bringing the hips to the wall. Keep the legs as straight as possible, without forcing. The palms of the hands remain facing you, and your arms against the body. Close your eyes and breathe deeply.

The Pigeon Posture (right and left), to sleep well

Get on all fours, or dog posture upside down. Place the right knee behind the right wrist, with the foot turning to the left. Slide the left leg backwards. Lie on the front, breathe deeply and stand up.

Alternate one side then the other. It is possible to use cushions to support the body.

Lying down butterfly for a better sleep

Lying on your back by placing a cushion to support the spine. Bring the feet together until they touch each other and let the knees go down. You can also put a support under the knees for ease.


As you now know, no need to be a yoga specialist to do those postures, you just need to do them regularly. The latter will help you feeling more relaxed and provide you a better lasting sleep.

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