Benefits of Living Yoga

Yoga Living Benefits

Living yoga and implementing it in your daily life bring us a lot of benefits.

Being Body Conscious: Physiology and the psychic are closely related

The body is the visible and accessible element, so let’s start from there! Let’s try to be aware of the body, in the practice of Asanas (yoga postures) of course but also in everyday life: how are we sitting in a chair, what is our position when we talk to someone or when we walk. The body always needs to be regulated because we have a lot of bad habits. When we associate the consciousness with the movement and the maintenance of the body, it regains its dynamism and its faculties of self-healing.

Know your breathing: The breath is the reflection of our mental state

It accelerates in case of fear, stress or joy, it is lengthened when one is relaxed and quiet. Breathing in is more important when we make a physical effort; when one is ready to fall asleep, the exhalation is prolonged. Someone who is an extrovert will tend to breathe through the top of the ribcage and encourage inspiration. Others, introverted in nature, will have their backs hunched, the rib cage closed and a small ventral breathing, with predominance of expiration.

Breathing is therefore a valuable indicator that tells us about our inner condition. But it can also be used to correct some anomalies. Try to be aware of your natural breathing, without changing anything, when you are stressed or anxious and you will immediately notice a colossal change. For a simple reason which is of a physiological order: the consciousness of the breath gives the primacy to the neo-cortex, the upper zone of the brain and this relativizes in return the influence of the emotions and the instincts. Pulmonary and diaphragmatic rehabilitation will also bring incredible benefits.

Avoid partitioning one’s life

There is not one side of existence that is spiritual and another mundane or uninteresting, in which we do not have to invest ourselves. All that we live is worthy of our time and can be used to progress in relation to oneself. It is harmful to oppose, as we do now, work and leisure time because, we lose so much of life waiting, either to have time or to live better days.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle

Many problems arise from lifestyle and diet. Everyone should consider how their days are organized, bedtime and waking up, the number of meals and how to take them, the nature of food. Yoga does not impose standards, we have the right to live as we understand it. But we need to know what makes us feel good and best about how we live.


Now that you know some of the benefits of living yoga, you only need to understand it and try to implement it in your daily life. As most yoga gurus promise, you’ll see the difference as you practice and the change will be interesting from within as well as what you project.

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