Yoga Postures For Stress Relief

Yoga poses and breathing for anit-stress

Some yoga positions sweep away stress. So instead of having tension, put yourself in a yoga posture whether it is in the office or at home.

A simple annoyance, an unexpected event or a stress is enough to literally stretch the body in its entirety. Like stretching, yoga allows you to stretch your muscles, refocus your mind, soothe and relax the body. Whether at home or in the office, some exercises of the discipline are practiced everywhere and are accessible even to the least flexible of us.

Breathing and Stretching the back

To promote relaxation, some yoga postures play on the dilatation of the chest and therefore on the breath. This is the case of the “rocker” which relieves the stress in a few minutes. To achieve it, lie on your stomach, rest on your hands and gradually raise the chest while looking straight ahead. You will feel your chest open and the air enter at your leisure.

This other one will help to stretch the spine and relax all upper body muscles. Deep breathing is therefore favored. Kneel on your heels, raise your arms in the air, palms together and fingers crossed. Then try to touch the sky (ceiling) with your hands by relaxing completely neck and shoulders.

Find absolute calm

To find calm and serenity, the following yoga positions will work for sure. Often used at the end of the session, the child’s posture can refocus and recover but also facilitate digestion. It relaxes the back, shoulders and neck. Kneel down, buttocks resting on your heels. Place your head on the floor and extend your arms in front of you, trying to keep them away.

More difficult, but very effective, the posture of the dog standing which plays on the inversion. Stand up, put your hands on the ground and move your feet away. Then put your head down by taking off the heels off the floor. Blood then rises into the brain, which oxygenates rapidly. This position also makes it possible to stretch the spine.

A yoga posture to do at the office

And for those who have no time to go to a yoga class, or to practice at home, some positions can be practiced during a break along the day at work. The sitting position tires the whole body system, the body and the mind. Your back suffers every day the consequences. To counter the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle, stretch one arm after another, keeping your feet flat on the ground. The rest of the body does not move.

Then, always stretch your arms and grab your chair with both hands. The muscles in your back will relax gradually. Finally, bend your head between your legs, trying to go as far as possible. And, remember, whatever yoga posture you choose to relax, it will not be complete without a calm and controlled breathing.


As you can see, to fight stress, yoga, depending on the postures can be done almost everywhere, from home to the office.

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